Voter Advocacy Toolkit

Our toolkit serves as an on-line clearinghouse of resources and tools that encourage and support voting in South Carolina. It provides invaluable information to help you and your organization prepare for Election Day.

Voter Registration • Voter ID • Voting Absentee • Voting at the Polls • Voters with Disabilities • Poll Workers • College Students • Ex-Offenders • Persons Without a Permanent Residence • Registration Drives • Candidates Engagement• Printable Media

Voter Registration

Voter Registration Information
Information on how to vote in South Carolina

Voter Registration Brochure
Information on who can register and how to register (downloadable registration form)

Voter ID

What you need to know about voter ID in South Carolina
Includes forms on identification for voting from Rock the Vote.

Don’t have an ID? Contact the South Carolina DMV and get yours today.

Voting Absentee

The SC State Elections Commission absentee voting information page provides options, requirements, and timelines for absentee voting.

Voting at the Polls

How to vote, including when to vote, where to vote, and how to use the state’s touchscreen voting system can be found on (SC State Elections Commission).

General Election Day FAQ

Voters with Disabilities

Poll Workers

Poll workers, especially in more rural areas, are needed! The SC State Election Commission has more information about how to apply, pay rates, and training.

College Students

As a student, you may register to vote in the county where you reside while attending college, or at your prior home address. Before you register, visit to help make an informed decision on where to vote.  Also, read the Voter Registration in South Carolina for College Students.

Interested in registering college students? Visit Fair Elections Legal Network for more information.


South Carolina residents who have completely served their sentences, including probation or parole, can register to vote. To register, submit a new voter registration application to your county voter registration office.

Persons Without a Permanent Residence

If you are currently without a permanent address, you can register to vote with assistance from a public or non-profit agency. Your voter registration card will be mailed directly to the agency and on Election Day, you will vote a provisional ballot at your polling location; no further action is required.  If you are working on behalf of someone without a permanent address, read Procedures for Registering Individuals Without A Permanent Residence for more information.

Conducting Registration Drives

Everything you need to conduct a registration drive. Find voter registration tools like posters, training videos, webinars, fact sheets, and other information for holding your own voter registration drive at Nonprofit VOTE.

Candidates Engagement

Find tools for engaging candidates (scroll down past voter registration tools) through appearances, forums, debates, questionnaires, facts sheets and checklists for nonprofit organizations at Nonprofit VOTE.